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Horsefly bite

What do you have to do right after a horsefly bite to alleviate the pain and reduce the swelling? Sometimes people talk about a horsefly sting. But a horsefly doesnít sting, it bites.
  • Cool the area of the horsefly bite with a wet cold washcloth, a coolpack or some ice cubes in a washcloth.
  • Disinfect the bitten area by washing thoroughly with water and soap or treat it with (for example) alcohol. Disinfecting with vinegar is also an option.
  • Keep an eye on the bitten area for a few days. Thereís a small chance a bacterial infection might occur. If the area stays red or you see little yellow crusts, then go see your general practitioner.
  • Treat the area with special medication. Your pharmacy sells several treatments for insect stings and horsefly bites.
  • Take an anti-allergy tablet (e.g. one you use for hay fever) to reduce the itching and allergic reactions

Horsefly bite treatment

Horsefly bite Itís of the utmost importance to act quickly in case of a horsefly bite, as described above. Cooling and disinfecting should be applied immediately after the bite. Using special treatment like After-Bite is even better. These special treatments are specifically meant to alleviate the effects of horsefly bites, insect bites and insect stings. If you plan on visiting an area where you know will be lots of horseflies, be sure to bring an After-Bite pen.

To reduce the risk of getting bitten by a horsefly, you could consider placing a horsefly trap.

Horsefly bite symptoms

Symptoms of a horsefly bite: a horsefly bite causes thick red and painfully itching skin. Horseflies can cause bacterial infections. If the skin continues to stay red and swollen or if there keeps coming out moist, then keep an extra eye on it. Wash the area thoroughly twice a day with water and soap or disinfect it with alcohol. If the situation doesnít improve then go see your general practitioner


A horsefly belongs to the sanguivorous insects. Read more information about horseflies at Horsefly.

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