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What actually is a horsefly? Horseflies belong to the sanguivorous insects and there are several species. Best known are the rain-horsefly, warble fly, clag and gadfly.

Horseflies are often confused with hornets. Except hornets donít sting or bite. A horsefly is rather outstanding because of its eyes and spotted wings. Here are some pictures of horseflies.



Horseflies are rather aggressive and bite rather quickly. They can persistently chase you and can fly speeds of up to 15 mph. They land on your skin and bite immediately. Itís the female horseflies that bite. They need our blood which is full of protein to let their eggs grow ripe.

A horsefly can bite right through thin layers of clothing. A horsefly bite can cause a pretty painful spot that can last for several days. To protect horses and cattle from these annoying flies you could consider setting up a Horsefly trap

Horsefly activities

Contradictory to mosquitos for example, horseflies are active during the day. Theyíre the most active after noon when the sun has reached its highest point. They often appear near meadows and woods, especially if there are horses, livestock and water nearby.

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